Who We Are

Placeone provides quality staffing services for our developmentally disable clients, to promote independence in all aspects of their lives. 

Since 1995 our agency has served the greater Thurston County area in supporting individuals referred by the Developmental Disability Administration. Our dedication to serving our clients from a respectful approach, and affording them every opportunity to be contributing members to their community, has served as the foundation for supporting individuals. Our team member’s focus is always to assist our clients in developing meaningful relationships and activities within their immediate community. These primary philosophies will continue to be the corner stone of all the services we provide. The individuals we support remain the nucleus of all our services, the center of all our decision making.

We assist those we support in meeting all aspects of their daily lives. Our staff assist with medical issues, social events, and vocational supports. Across the spectrum of support we provide lies the central theme of independent living, to the greatest extent possible. Although this may look different for each person depending on their needs, it is the driving force behind helping individuals connect with their communities.

Our thoroughly trained staff focus on teaching any skills needed for the person they support. Whether it is cooking meals, setting up adventures with friends, or managing finances, our client needs are met with respect.

Look…compare…and when you are ready to hire someone you can trust to care for your loved one ask your case manager for Placeone!​

Professional Staffing Services, Serving the Differently-Abled

We respectfully provide any living supports to the differently-abled, to foster greater independence, as defined by the client and societal norms.