I have always enjoyed the family style atmosphere that Placeone has always had. Over the years, I have developed friendships that have lasted years, in many ways several of the staff and clients have become like family. I have worked for many different companies and found that in my experience Placeone is far more likely to listen to ideas and potentially implement them to better the business. Knowing that my input is valued shows me that the company is serious about improving their business and placing value on their staff’s ideas on ways to make improvements.
I enjoy seeing that the work that I do truly makes a difference in the lives of our clients. While this began as a job it truly turned into something altogether different. A career where I get paid to help improve the lives of some pretty amazing individuals. 

-Jeremy Gauf

I have worked for the company for four years now, and I can honestly say that I love my job. Yes, just like with any other job you have “those” days but come on where do you get to have fun, laugh, and enjoy making a difference in people’s lives? I have personally been involved in the beginning talks with new clients, to working on their skills and getting them acquainted to new friends, to the final move to their new home. Let me tell you how amazing this process is to watch this person grow and make new relationships, to see the look on their faces and watch the smiles just light up the room. I could go on forever about this process but I invite you to come experience this for yourself. If you have passion, compassion and a drive to make a difference in someone’s life, than this is the place for you

-Heather Swedberg

“I’ve been here (with Placeone) since 2004. I have my own place and it feels good"

-R. Young, Client


Reasons I enjoy working for Placeone!​

Professional Staffing Services, Serving the Differently-Abled

We respectfully provide any living supports to the differently-abled, to foster greater independence, as defined by the client and societal norms.